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When You Can’t Wait For Care

Personal injury and Workers Compensation claims are often heavily litigated. During litigation, insurance carriers are not paying the medical bills of the injured worker or motorist. This creates tremendous financial pressure on Physicians and Medical Facilities as they rely on cash collections from treating patients to meet financial obligations. For this reason, we developed our ClaimPace® program. With ClaimPace®, physicians and medical facilities can receive funding in as little as five business days from the date of claim submission.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that those suffering with compensable injuries that occurred while on the job or in an automobile accident receive the care they are legally entitled to. Unfortunately, our medical system is flawed and claimants who are hurt and are in pain often suffer for months waiting to receive the medical care they deserve. It is during this time that they are unable to work and provide for their loved ones. This often leads to job losses, depletion of savings, and depression. Not to mention living with pain daily.

These types of claims are heavily litigated and require a protracted period of time before eventual settlement. The longer than normal revenue cycle places a financial burden on Medical Centers and Physicians, who are forced to make tough choices about who can be treated and who has to wait.

Surgery Funding Group alleviates this burden by stepping into the gap and ensuring that Doctors and facilities are paid for services provided right away!

Our Impact

The leadership team at Surgery Funding Group has over 100 years of combined experience working with Workers Compensation and Personal Injuries. We are committed to ensuring patients have access to quality healthcare and medical providers. With ClaimPace® physicians and Medical Facilities receive payment quickly and fairly for the care provided. 

How does ClaimPace® work? 

With ClaimPace®, Surgery Funding Group purchases the accounts receivable, taking assignment of the Medical Lien or Letter of Protection from the Medical provider and Medical Facility for the procedure. Surgery Funding Group then waits for the case to settle and is paid in the future from the settlement proceeds.

Quality Medical Care

Just because someone has been hurt on the job or in an auto accident, does not mean quality of care should be compromised.  Surgery Funding Group works with best-in-class medical providers who specialize in repairing and restoring the body and hope of the injured.

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